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Horrific monsters summoned from the pits of Hell through the power of dark magic. They are among the most bloodthirsty of all monsters.


From a distance it may look like a harmless fruit bat but up close you realize this is far too enormous to be any earthly creature. Half the size of a man with teeth like daggers these monsters attack from the night sky, though fortunately aren't that durable. A single blow from most weapons will kill them.

Great Hellbat

Also sometimes called "Giant Bat" or "king of bats." The Great Hellbat is much larger and much more powerful than a normal Hellbat. Ranging from three to ten times the size of a normal Hellbat, its body is actually composed of several smaller Hellbats merged together forming a single cohesive body. When struck it devides into the smaller Hellbats and recongrigates moments later. Since it constantly rebuilds its body after each blow it takes a tremendous number of hits to kill it unless it can be cought while seperated, and the individual bats destroyed, thus weakening the Great Hellbat when it forms again.


Creatures with long worm like bodies, but large toothed mouths obviously for carnivorous feeding. These come in many sizes from small parasites, to enormous man eaters. Some have two heads, one on either end of the body.

Cerberus hound

Down Fido! Three wild dogs fused into one body with three heads, Cerberus hounds are often twice the sice of a fully grown man, and can stare most people eye to eye....to eye...to eye. Their teeth and claws are razor sharp and, have been fed a steady diet of human flesh giving them a particular taste for it. They normally stay in one place guarding a place they are assigned to. They come in three types. The weakest but still incredibly dangerous are just enormous three headed dogs, a stronger veriety can spit fire, and the most powerful form not only spits fire but can render its self invisible.


The end result of the fusion of numerous low ranking demons into one entity. They vary from chaotic blobs, to chimera like beasts, to perfect humanoids. Some are the result of dark magic, others are numerous demons entering into contract to become a single powerful entity. The latter of the two resulting in the extremly intelligent and dangerous humanoid type.

Weaker legions simply lash out at anything nearby while the human types tend to be dangerous in both mental and pyshical confrontation.


This horrifying creature is shaped like a gigantic snake- with a body always as wide as a small man. It has four interlocking jaws, each capable of extending to envelop a person whole. Once that's done, this horrific creature constricts its prey inside of its gut- and the extremely powerful muscles of this creature crush and extrude the prey through sphincters positioned down the sides of its body. Once the prey has been extruded, the creature eats the detritus and digests. The synthon is lightningly quick and oftentimes hides in forests, never leaving a chosen hollow tree. The best way to avoid these is to carefully watch for dead or hollow trees- the synthon's hide is thick enough to repel many forms of attack. The best way to kill one is to allow it to swallow you then gut it from inside.


More common in the east, they are sometimes called Ogre in the west though that term isn't very accurate for this beastly creature. Oni posess human intelligence and a relatively human shape but they have a mouth full of pointed fangs, are at least 10 feet tall and twice as muscular as any human brute, and have horns portruding from their heads. They also have unusual skin colors, usually red, or orange though some are also blue, and this signifficantly destinguishes them.

Most Oni are the large red and orange type posessing two horns. They either fight bare handed or use massive spiked clubs. They are strictly carnivorous and eat most any animal they can kill but particularly crave human flesh and often kill by tearing their victims into pices, somtimes devouring them while still alive.

Eating humans increases an Oni's power thus they become larger and stronger with each kill.

Slightly smaller but possibly more dangerous are the Blue "Soul Eating" Oni. Unlike their red and orange counterparts, blue Oni are more intelligent, and posess only one horn on top of their head. They specificly attack humans and imprison the victim's soul inside their body in order to increase in power, blocking the soul from entering the afterlife until the Oni is killed. These Oni aren't as strong physicly but they are capable of using dark or eastern magic, and disguising themselves as humans.

Either form of Oni is extremely dangerous. Fortunately, while they're strong they're still made of ordinary flesh and have no scales or regenerative abillities, so most any weapon is effective against them.


Most people will never see a messenger in an entire lifetime. It's generally best not to see them. Messengers can not be seen by normal eyes and even those with an extra planar sense will only have an uneasy feeling when one passes by. Messengers however never attack living individuals. They have only one purpose. To seek out the damned and drag their souls into Hell upon their death. Since Messengers do not attack they're normally harmless and considered part of the natural order of the world. They sometimes follow a hellbound individual when they're going to die soon. Messengers if they could be seen would appear only as a living shadow creeping along the ground. A good person has nothing to fear from these. Messengers move quickly as their job requires striking upon the instant of death, before the bodiless soul has a chance to personify into a ghost.


These spectral creatures inhabbit the uppermost circle of Hell as well as some parts of purgatory and easilly slip between worlds. They are generally not dangerous in themselves and act passively. They appear to be large insects, usually centipedes, roaches, or beetles. They latch onto an unaware individual and cause misfortune, and nightmares, and feed on the sadness a person feels. They can easilly be squashed under a boot.


Imps are the smallest form of demon and begin to appear in the second circle of Hell. They are what a person typicly thinks of when they imagin a demon. Two to four feet tall, coming in various colors, hooved feet, batlike wings, and horns on the head as well as sharp teeth. They don't have claws thus tend to carry weapons, almost exclusively pitchforks. Imps are always young as they transform into other demons later in life. Imps are not always entirely evil however. Some sent to earth to do evil deeds are influenced by the human way of life and abandon their duty. Don't assume all will however. The peaceful imps are an exception, not a rule.

Soldier Demon

These appear in the third tier of Hell. They are the adolescent form of imps and look much as one would expect from an imp in a growth stage. They have abandoned their forks having developed claws. They have tall slender (some would say anorexic) bodies.

Spectral Demon

Actually there's no one demon called a "Spectral Demon." Rather these Demons come in red, green, and blue colors, specializing in flame, rock, and ice attacks. They are large and muscular fully adult forms of Imps. They are found starting in the fourth level of Hell.

Demon Lord

Every so often from the ranks of demons, one is chosen to become an officer in hell's armies. A demon lord is created from a spectral demon. They posess the abillities of all three spectral demons. A demon Lord appears to actually be more slender and shorter than a Spectral demon and actually looks slightly closer to human, often having a human like face. They tend to wear some armor as a sign of their rank. They primarilly inhabbit the fifht level of Hell, though must travel throughout all lesser tiers in their duties.

Great Demon

Satan is an odd individual. Though claiming to believe only in chaos he exacts quite a detailed order on his dominion. Over the demon Lords must rule the Great Demons. Great Demons oversee the leadership of the Demon Lords. They are native to the sixth tier of Hell and sometimes travel to the fifth tier to check on their subbordinates and the seventh to report to their superiors. They for the most part look like Demon Lords but are a bit larger, and sometimes have spikes portruding from their bodies.

Greater Demon

This is as high as Imps can rise in rank. The Greater Demons rule the various kingdoms of Hell. Unlike most demons they have no wings or any tell tale signs of being demons whatsoever. They look to be completely human and are even regarded by the few living humans whom have seen them to be quite beautiful. They are however utterly black hearted. Their cruelty is unbound and take great interest in the torture of the worst of sinners, a task usually considered below the rank to other demon classes. They strictly inhabbit the seventh teir of Hell. Not permitted into the domain of the 8th tier and viewing all lesser teirs as below them. Some would regard them as the aristocrats of Hell.

Arch Demon

These are supreme among the demons created by Satan. They busy themselves strictly with the duties of their own circle and pay no attention to those below them, nor meddle in affairs of those above. They wear suits of black armor and have long clawed hands. They are hot to the touch and smoke billows out from the openings in their armor. Aside from their claws, horns, and wings, the rest of their figure is concealed. On earth however their armor is actually necessary to keep them from freezing to death as they were created to normally serve within Hell and exist within the inferno. Normally they inhabbit the 8th circle of Hell.

Devil The most powerful order of demon. Unlike other demons created within Hell its self Devils are actually members of the congregation of fallen angels and thus posess tremendous amounts of power. They control great dark magical powers as well as physical strength rivaled by not even the largest of brutes. They tend to detest humans. Fortunately they are extremely rare as few have the power to summon them from the center of Hell. They have basic humanoid shapes with long black fingernails, black eyes, and batlike wings. They tend to have large tufts of fur like hair on their chest, and entire lower body.

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