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Below are a listing of choices you have for jobs. A job will give you both Abillities and Qualities. Abillities are things you can do basicly. special actions you can perform. Qalities are more things that are always present in your character and will influence everything that happens about them.

You can start out with three classes and mix them to create your own unique character.

  • Class 1: This will be your character's main devotion. You will recieve all the Abillities and Qualities of this class, and it should determine your character's personality to a degree.
  • Class 2: Most people have many skills and a breadth of knowledge. This will give you aditional skills and qualities. Although by comparison the abillities you gain will be slightly weaker than if it were your first class. You also recieve all qualities unless it conflicts with your first class.
  • Sub-Class 3 Your character's passing interest. This can round out your character if consen properly. You gain no abillities from this class but do gain qualities as long as they don't conflict with the first two classes.The restriction on mixing magical and combat classes is lifted for this class only.

It should be noted that for balance reasons certain classes can not be mixed. The disciplins of magic and the disciplins of combat are far too time consuming to ever do both at once. As such Magical classes can not be mixed with battle classes. Sub-classes are however the exception to this rule.

It's beneficial to have an even mix of different kinds of characters, in order to allow for well rounded parties which will be vital in quests.






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